A bit of my story

I thought a little bit about me would be a good place to start, as itís obvious when speaking to me that Iím not originally from Wales. My name is Jennifer Wohlferd-Rowlands and I was born and raised in the US state of Minnesota. I met my husband for the first time in Wales way back in 2003 and Wales has been my home ever since. I'm now the wife of a hard-working, amazing husband and the mother of 2 gorgeous boys.

When the kids came to both be in full-time school it was time for me to find something enjoyable to do but I also wanted to earn a little bit that would allow me to stay home with the kids while theyíre still young. That ruled out getting regular employment, so thatís where candle making comes in.

But not just your ordinary type of candle making. There are so many talented candle makers out there that I personally know, and I just couldn't compete with them and be able to be unique. Then I decided to take a different approach to candle wax in the hopes that I might stand out a bit from the crowd, and I believe I've managed to create that.

I do hope you enjoy my work, why not read a bit further on and see what types of candle wax art that I can make for you.